Wednesday, May 12, 2004

just put on my cicak face

and everything will seem just fine..

heehee! i seem to put on this certain face when i amuse myself with my thoughts, and nina and dida would like to call it 'the cicak face'. mine lah. when i think about it.. i think it really does look like a lizard of somewhat.
cute cicak lah kan.. ekkekeke!

am sooooo tired!! it's hot outside while i was walking back from class just now. tak aci taaauu!!
DM class was done by 11:30.
MI class was done by 12:30.
ID? it ended at 1:10!! tak aciiiiiiiii!! suka macam nieee taaauuuu!! dahlaa selasa kelas lebih satu..! hummph! :P but i am free this afternoon. :D :D 'coz i'll be having class on friday afternoon while the rest doesn't. haaaihh~ lain aje!
but class was amazingly fine! me like laah, setakat ini. will be starting on modelling in friday, i suppose.. so tak tahu lah masih akan suka ke tidak.. haiyohh! takuut.-

okay, i know that i've been posting some lots about my classes... i think it's because i'm surprised kot! hehhe!
yaaaaaaaahhh!! kan best kalau skola berkekalan seronot seperti beginii! :D :D


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