Wednesday, May 12, 2004

shocking shocking daay!

1. i had FUN during my real first MID alone! (before this i always thought i need someone close to me during class, and as all the majoring is now confirmed.. i actually am alone!) anyways! it's pretty amusing how i actually smiled at the end of my class.. ekkeke! and coming out without any assignment at hand, to top it off! ekkeke! we had a pretty merepek discussion during class so, heyy! i'm okay at this!! ekkeke! (at least for the time being!)

2. nina gave me a REALLY shocking news. i thought it was something about a particular someone, and it turned out to be about someone!! HERSELF!! wawawaaaaaaa!!! nina i am actually happy!! even though it's worrying. huhuhuhuu.. but i am excited about the incoming baby!!!! weeeeeeeee~!! i am going to be an aunt of two babies by the end of this year! yeaaaaaaaayyy~!!! izzati's going to get a baby sister or brother!! i hope he/she is going to be just as cute and sweet!! ekkeke!! and what's more, according to the baby's due.. he or she is going to be a sagittarian!! AHHAHAHAHHA!! awesome!! :))

3. amused myself while walking back cyberia alone after class!! (mind you, i was a bit cranky before class started because ID is the only one that's having class at 4 to 6 - if i'm not mistaken, 'coz i don't know about FA and VR's schedule!) i guess i don't mind walking alone in the evening sebab tak panas!! ekkeke!

okaaay.. i still can't quit talking about ID with lily. hehhehh! tengkiu for listening!!!

last night, i was supposed to have dinner with my family.. but i told them to post-poned to tomorrow 'coz i wanted to get together with my friends! hehhe!
had dinner with the hobbitses and drogo and jai at IOI kenny roger's. :D kenny roger's situ tak sepemurah in OU lah! keciwaa~
later drogo treated us STARBUTTS!! ekekke! tengkiuuuuu!! had rhumba!

aaaah~ i remember the last time i had a venti. lily, did you remember when? haaaaih~ i am still wondering if i ever get to give the 'thing' away.
orang tak sudi, wanie dah penat nak offer.. takdelaa desperate sangat oyy. :P
you know where to find me, yahh!

later temankan lily meeting up ilsa (and carlos) in pj. ilsa poyo!! ahhahahaha!! lily, you know why! ekkeke!!

okay.. i am honestly tired and sleepy from the full school schedule today. should sleep laah!!! haiyohhh~
right after i find some things about ergonomics lahh okay? :D (so i say)

it turned out to be a good day after all.
wouldn't it be great if everyday can make me as happy as i am right now? heehee.
wishful thinking.. everyone knows that.


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