Thursday, May 27, 2004

*sigh* hello, can't you at least look my way?

hahhahahahh ahahahhahah ahahhahahahahhahah ahahahhaha!!!
no, i am NOT happy. as a matter of fact, i am waaayy too depressed about how this week is going!
it's like.. falling.. for all the wrong reasons.
(sejak bila ade right reasons?)

1. haven't done my 3D for tomorrow's submission - which will require me to print it on THREE A3 sized paper - which i have no money for - and the transport to go to sunway. *sigh*
2. most probably will be staying here for the weekend - alone - 'coz everybody else are going home - including prisca! - going to have to do laundry here - which the spin mode is rosak, going to have to perah manually - and again, with no money! *sigh*
3. oh, did i mention that even if i have the money, i have no idea how to go for printing?? o yeah, i did - not because i have no friends.. but macam MENYIBUK. reti? penyebokk! *sigh*
4. it's hard being in ID alone when your real friends are not - too much work - tooo much - doing it alone - crap! *sigh*
5. the wrong people are doing the right things - the right people are doing wrong things - i am HORRIBLY stubborn! - breaks myself apart, i know. *sigh*
6. should really get things out in the open (YOU HEAR ME??!) 'coz i can't keep feeling guilty like this - well, i can - i know what i might do later - but you don't - please start saying something.. *sigh*
7. feeling MIGHTY horrible - and today.. i feel like a glass door or something - you wouldn't give too much thought about it unless it hit you right in the face. *sigh*

8. and i am sighing so much - and you know what people say about sighing - tiring.. everything is simply tiring.

i demand a happy ending!


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