Thursday, December 20, 2007

The boring contents of
My Bag.

I got tagged by Bahijah and since I'm doing nothing especially important anyway, let's have it! Note that I have tons of rubbish in there since I was in a hurry this morning and completely threw the contents of my handbag into the sling-bag (which is now the bag I had used most recently) --and that I was too tired when I got home earlier that the only thing I've pulled out from it was my Moleskine.

I'm going through each pockets here;
1. black Pilot pen
2. Post-It and paperclip
3. lighter
4. Sony Ericsson earphones
5. a tube of Maybelline lipgloss
6. a tube of (I can't recall the name.. my mom gave me) lipgloss
7. a tube of Maybelline lipstick
8. yet another tube of lipstick by Revlon (probably!)
9. band-aid (do you think this requires an explanation?)

10. today's buy; a book from MPH
11. a copy of Paulo Coelho (I really AM a geek.)
12. a McD's VIG car sticker Dida got earlier in the morning that she had told me to keep.
13. a Garfield money purse, believe it or not!
14. a bunch of pamphlets
15. a bunch of receipts
16. some perfumed strip that I'd kept in a hope that it would make the contents of my bag smells nicer.
17. some McD vouchers
18. something I got at the McD in London that I can't bring myself to throw away somehow
19. a pack of ciggies
20. a really dated unused movie ticket that actually belongs to Alia.
21. a tube of Nivea lipbalm (why anyone would need that many lip products is beyond my comprehension, so please believe me when I say that I really did threw in a bunch of stuff into my bag!)
22. and yes, that green envelope is a sampul duit raya! hahahha!

At the back pocket of my sling-bag;
23. an RM 2 bill that I refuse to use
24. an old Air Asia boarding pass
25. old receipts.. receipts from Cineplex
26. a bunch of call cards
27. and movie tickets to see National Treasure this Friday.

Okie, I'm not going to tag anybody 'cause I can't think of anyone! hahha!


Girl That Jumps said...

I saw lucid's call card!

anyway.. this is fun, no?
it makes u realized of how many craps you have in your bag.

Monkey's Bunny said...


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