Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Quest of Becoming Somebody (Part 3)

I've been thinking about will lately.
Not the will that you leave when you're dead, (God knows I have nothing worth anything to be left to anyone!) or the will as in a promise, but a wish.. or desire. A faculty of conscious; of deliberate action.. The power of the mind over actions, if you will..

I have no idea who said it, or if anyone had actually said it but the words are somehow imprinted in my mind;
You can move mountains if you will it.
Really? REALLY?? That either sounds crazy or completely idiotic! I like the idea of sitting in front of a big rock and try to will it to move. That'd be a great experiment except for the fact that I believe that I have much more better things to do.

It makes me wonder why I came up with these thoughts sometimes. I have no answers to it yet I ask them anyway. It sux! It makes me angry all the time. I'm tired of not knowing. It's frustrating! It takes up too much of my day and I can't help it.

Someone asked me today if I have any advices in making any friends. Well, his problem was that he has "no one to be around with". I laughed. I had to laugh. It is among the most ridiculous things anyone had ever asked me. I am sorry if he ever finds this blog and gets upset with what I said but I truly find it ridiculous.
I won't tell you what I said to him because I had only came up with a really stupid "advice" just trying to be polite.

How far are you willing to change?
Will the mountains move if I really will it?
Ever thought that all the things in the universe comes down to you? It is not about how self-centred you are; the world definitely does not revolve around any singular person.. but several persons who wills a single thing.

Let's say that I will it with every piece of my soul that I will change my life.. and another person at the other side of Earth will the same thing for his life.. so happens that there are hundreds of thousands more who wills the same, scattered all over the world.. Won't you believe that lives will change and they might be for the better?
I don't have the answer.. but I like to believe that it will.


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