Sunday, December 02, 2007

Curious curious day..

I've been listening to James Morrison's new song quite religiously since I converted the video into an mp3 file and transferred it to my phone's memory -- and I carry my phone everywhere. (Who doesn't?) I'm hoping that somehow one of these days the mumbling words would make more sense once I get used to listening to it. hahhaha! I believe that he's saying that we should believe in our dreams.. "you're just about there, don't give up so easily" or something. I might be wrong! hahahhaha!

Went to the Turn on the Pop with Dida and K.Freddy last night and missed Elliott Yamin because we got stuck at the slow moving line of the entrance. There were a few kinks on the show, like the time it took the stage people to prepare the set for the different artistes. It was MAD!!
Good thing that I'm easily fascinated by the sky; we would simply lie on the ground and watch the sky during those intermissions.

I feel bad for saying this but there is a LOT to be improved for the next Live & Loud at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park. (No complaints for the KL Convention Centre location -- Acoustic night was incredible!) The coupon-system for buying things (like in those days during school's Sports Day) were too funny, the mind-numbing wait at every set change was simply.. mind numbing and the idiotic parking non-system!
The brilliant thing that I absolutely adore is the fact that it was open-aired, with excellent lighting (of the stage and the open field -- the rest of the place was horribly dark!) and that I'd imagined myself in Glasto or something like it. (Not that I've been there, but it's on my list of things to do before I die; attend Glasto!)

Okay. Just to make it clear, I've read enough to know that Glasto is huge. Okay, HUMONGOUS!! But please let me have this tiny memory to build the festival in my imagination.

Now, the local artistes were fine but I think they were on for too long that we got reaaaaaally bored. Then there was that long intermission.. Good thing that Shaggy was brilliant! And I mean BRILLIANT!! He was SUCH an incredible performer. Excellent showmanship. Really funny too! Then when his set ended.. we got another LONGER intermission before Whitney Houston came out and performed some medley and of course, I Will Always Love You for the final song. She did perform a song with her daughter at one point! It was really sweet.
When she went backstage the crowd had asked for more so she came back and sang I'm Every Woman. It was really neat!
But naturally, it's always hard to go through ballads once you're so pumped up with Shaggy's fun tunes! Ohh! And before Whitney's performance, the organizers kept reminding us to not take any pictures or videos and I have no idea why. They actually checked our bags at the entrance for cameras -- but I wasn't carrying any bag. They should've checked my BUTT! hahha! I'm a rebel, what can I say.. *rofl*

Our night of fun was cut short once we got to the car though. The left side's door of the backseat was terribly dented by one MORONIC - INCONSIDERATE - MINDLESS - EFFING ASSHOLE that was driving a Proton Waja with the number plate:
BGS 3899
(If you see this car, please let me know. Or for EVERYBODY'S sake, run the car off the road and right into a ditch! I promise I won't tell.)

Apparently he had waited too long for us to return to our car (note: we headed back the second Whitney had finished her song!) so he decided that it would be best to ram his car into K.Freddy's and also kick the door -- with a BUNCH of witnesses around. Some people are just too smart for the society don't you think?

It's a concert right in the middle of the city for God's sake! EVERYBODY double parks! And once you'd parked your car up in the curb, that is the risk you're taking; that you possibly, and most probably won't be the first person to leave! How dense can you be to not know that very simple logic?? I'm sorry to say this but some people (not all) should NEVER consider reproducing.
Those witnesses were amazing I must say. They stuck around until we got to the car to tell K.Freddy what had happened. They even gave her their numbers and told her to report to the police. (That dense driver had screeched off after a very short argument with K.Freddy.) Really, people who are in the right wouldn't run, would they? Moron.
But those people whom had stuck around.. well, they just gave me a little more faith that most people (not all!) are generally good. It's amazing.

The show ended at 2am, we went back to K.Freddy's place and hung around a bit before me and Dida headed to the 24 hours KFC in Klang at nearly 4. During the drive, we saw a horrible accident at the Federal Highway. Maybe it isn't such a good day to go out and drive, yeah?
We finally got home at 5-ish. Newcastle had lost again. Maybe it isn't such a good day -- period.

I should go to bed now. Can't lose anymore neurons in my brain.


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