Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a day...

What a boring boring day..
And alone too! Well, I can handle being alone. Beats being in a crowd and still get bored at any day -- but it's been a BORING day!! At least last year's mishap was eventful.

Well, I just stayed home this time around. I suppose watching Man U only managed a draw with Roma didn't convince me that today is going to be a particularly special day.
Plus, I had a really really odd dream!

I was at sea, with a bunch of people that I seemed to know. The place was more like a cove, a really nice spot -- but all I could think about was sharks! I mean, who does that?? Who dreams and thinks at the same time??
So instead of being carefree and having fun in the water, I actually sat on a big piece of rock looking on to my friends swimming and ripping the waves. (Yes, some of them were surfing which is something that I'd like to try someday!) And you know what? Nobody got attacked by sharks by the end of my dream which pisses me off!

Not that I'd like anyone get attacked be it in real life or solely in my dreams but it pisses me that I was that inhibited in my dream! geez. What a frustrating way to start the day.

You know, maybe there aren't any magic on birthdays! Maybe birthdays are really just like ANY day and that the only magic is the fact that you've made it through another year. (Morbid, right?)

I was struck by a thought while I was in the shower.
You know how some people say, Why sleep? Life's too short, I'll sleep when I die. Well, I think it's ironic considering you WILL die if you're sleep deprived! hahahha! Of course, someone will have to stay awake for daaayys for that to happen but still.. ironic!

Anyway, one thing has been constant on my birthdays though. At one point of the day, I always find a reason to cry. bleurghh. And I'd rather not talk about this year's.
I think I'll go to bed early and try to make up for that awful dream this morning.


Suree said...

Tak tau Wanie tak buat ape hari ni. Ana imagine Wanie kuar sorang2 jalan2 suka2. Kalau tau tadi.. boleh kita lepak2.

Monkey's Bunny said...

alaah. ana buat wanie sedih.
dah malam baru wanie teringat ana kate ana keje 5:30, patut wanie pon ajak ana kuar..
grrrr. (geram kat sendiri.)

Suree said...

ehehe.. takper Wanie.. Bila2 pon boleh kuar nanti :)

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