Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dreaming is the way to go.

Honestly.. is there anything else worthy to write about after the excitement of seeing James Morrison? I think not, but I have an invisible obligation to keep this blog updated, so here I am.

Urrghh.. To be really honest with you, I still can't believe I saw JM on Thursday. So surreal.. so lucky.. so grateful! (Ever thought that most of my entries end up to this?) Even more for the fact that JM performed his new song. Man, I wish I wasn't as forgetful as I am.. I've been trying to remember all the things James talked about while he was on stage but to a great disappointment. I really am not the person with the best brain.
I better not get to see McFly perform anytime soon now, or I'll be really convinced that I'll die young. (and this?)

Anyway, I finally saw the this week's Pushing Daisies this morning and I must admit, I was half-screaming at the end of it!! *grunts* It was awful! Awful awful AWFUL!
And I'll have to wait for two weeks to know how Chuck is going to react to Ned's confession! arrrghhh!!

Okay. I've rant enough. I'm going off to get my shower in the hopes that the water is going to wash away my pissiness at some certain people at the moment.


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