Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Why am I this upset?"

I'd spent the entire day with Muz.
There is.. a thing about talking to her.. having a conversation with her that made me adore her.. and HATE her. Babe I love you.. and dearly hate you -- right? heehee. She's like the brutal truth that I refuse to tell myself; even when I know it -- she just says it aloud.
Upsetting.. but I probably needed it. Just probably.

Anyway, the year is quickly ending and I've made a short list of;
Reasons to hate New Years
1. Year end sales and NOTHING speaks to me -- I simply couldn't find anything really worth buying. They're nice.. I want loads of things but they didn't SPEAK to me!
2. People adding another year to my age when I just had my birthday 18 days before the new year! That is plain MEAN, you know that?!
3. Racking my brain for some relatively reasonable resolutions and even when I know that I probably won't get half of them done, I can't help fussing over it again at the end of next year! I'm thick-headed like that.
4. Yet another year without achieving anything. Well, achieved aplenty -- accomplished NONE.

Aaah.. I probably need buckets more of coffee to make me feel better about new years.
O yeah, and GO MAN U!!


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