Thursday, October 06, 2005

*blink and stare*

I went to sleep at 6 am and heard nothing when my mom and Dida usually hustled to get to work in the morning - until I heard Dida and Papa talking. And the weird thing was that it was already bright outside, I looked at at the clock and it was 11 am. So why the heck is Dida at home??

Dida got into an accident. She's fine, but her car isn't. She was on her way to work, near the Shapadu toll and a stupid car hit her from the back, and then her car skidded and collided with the car in front of her. I was expression-less when Dida told me all about it this morning 'coz my brain was still half-asleep, but now that I'm fully concious, I am starting to feel really ANGRY!!! Stupid woman who can't keep her eyes on the road!!!! Nak mampos agaknye!! If anything happens to my sister... *grunt in distress* I've always wanted to beat the hell out of someone.
Just thankful that Dida came out unharmed. It's just.. I've always avoid thinking about the worst case scenarios because I hate to. So I hate that stupid woman who bumped Dida's car for making me think about things that could've happened! DIE WOMAN, DIE!!

And now I shall breathe and de-stress so I could talk about something else.

Humm.. apparently I have nothing else to type about.
Funny.. when I was in MMU, I just can't be too long away from the internet. Now the only thing I miss about it is updating this blog and downloading songs. I'm definitely turning into one of those anti-social type. eeeek!

Take care, people!

This was written at 4:41 pm on October 4th, 2005.


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