Thursday, October 20, 2005

Talk about a downer..

Must be losing half my mind. I'm fussing over something that's happened two months ago, halfway across the world.
Man, I hate it when this happens - stupid little things that upsets me so much. *arrghhh!!* Stupid hag!

breathe in - breathe out

Got bored again, did this thing about my relationship *potential* and how I am with other people. Should be amusing if I hadn't read it after I found out about that thing I'm fussing over.

Your emotional needs were not met when you were growing up and there was nothing you could do about it. Even today, you tend not to express anger or pain or resentment except when you are in an infrequent rage. This is a problem in close relationships.
(I think everything was fine while I was growing up! Don't know what it's playing at.)

You are assertive without being overly aggressive and usually go after what you want with confidence and enthusiasm. Your partners tend to be dynamic, successful people. Your natural energy and moxie is usually sexually interesting to others.
1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
2. Aggressive energy; initiative.
3. Skill; know-how.
Right.. whatever.)

While you may not be emotionally demonstrative or sentimental, you love deeply, lastingly and loyally. You may be strongly drawn to people either much older or much younger than you are. Love, for you, has always entailed an enormous amount of responsibility.
(Is there really anything to say about this other than just laugh out loud??)

Your sense of humor is one of your outstanding qualities. It usually manifests as a rather wry wit. Anyone you're close to must share this sense of irony. You probably have a special talent or an absorbing interest. Your closest ties are likewise involved.
(funny word to use.. "absorb" - and a couple of days ago I got Rogue. *sigh*)

Maybe I am supposed to stop wanting anything too much, gets me so tired out. She Falls Asleep sounds pretty perfect right now.

I'm losing my heart.


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