Wednesday, October 19, 2005


That's right, party people! (hah!)
I am now with Streamyx!!

So the first thing I did - watch some stream video of McFLY, of course!! ahhahaha!!
Well, I wish I could download them, but my Ares doesn't seem to be working somehow. Gotta wait when Dida gets her laptop back from Jimmy. (her collegue who had to borrow her laptop for some work.)
Surprisingly though, my computer didn't get too troublesome to turn on as it usually does. *sigh* It's times like this when I just had to love it's existence.

Nina left me a new testimonial on my Friendster today and I can't help feeling a bit sad over it. I know the message didn't imply in any way to make me feel the way that I feel, but I just feel this way.
And she said she have some psychological findings that she wants to share with me. yikes! The last time that happened...
Well, the last time that happened, had made me so upset that now I rather not listen to her thoughts. *sigh*
Mostly I'm scared that what she has to say is going to be something that I can't deny.

Anyways! Currently listening to Eisley (thanks Shahnon!) and they kinda remind me of Sixpence. Me like! Just that I'm still crazy over McFLY to be enjoying their music as much as I could. hehe!

Okay, now listening to McFLY's Too Close For Comfort, which must be my favourite track in the album, so I shall repeat this song until I'm so sick of it that I'll come near to barfing - which I usually does with practically everything in my life; music, food, people, etc.
(By the way, that's a Megaupload link I have there, if you'd like to listen to the song yourself.)

Humm.. only 2.84 gigs left of my space.
Good God, I need to re-format my computer!


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