Saturday, October 15, 2005


(That was my impression of a laughter exploded.)

I asked my father if British people are genetically built sarcastic,
he said; "not necessarily," and added that his daughters are sarcastic,
"-especially Nina."


He wasn't wrong and I told him that. hihi!

I only laughed because we - the entire family - rarely have anything bad to say about her (you should notice the lack of her name in this blog!) because even when she's the most sarcastic, she still has the best PR with all of us. Always the calm middle-man. Odd. Highly amusing, though. People like her makes people like me look really bad. (Good thing I never really care about how I look! ekkeke!)

Well, no point of trying too hard. It's been made, Nina is the diplomatic conversationalist while Dida the neat hardworker.
And I'm.. I'm a work in progress.

Did you notice that I talk and compare myself a lot to my sisters? I just notice this and now trying to figure out what does it tell about me. Insecure? Envious? Inspired?
Humm.. entahlah..


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