Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm not in love.

Next month's Astro Guide came around yesterday, and I'm just so excited that there'll be new episodes of Girls In Love on Nickelodeon! woohoo! Just wish they have new ones of Danny Phantom as well. I don't mind reruns, but watching them over four times is just too much.

I'm still not over Sky High. Today I found out that there might be a sequel or even a TV series on Disney Channel! weehee! Sounds great!! Already looking forward to this.
I'm mostly looking forward to upcoming books and movies lately!
There's going to be Just My Luck, Da Vinci Code and X-Men 3 in 2006!! And Cecelia Ahern and Dan Brown has a new book coming out! Especially looking forward to Mr. Brown's The Solomon Key - yet another Robert Langdon's adventure! *shrieking* Can't WAIT, CAN'T WAIITT!!!! Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code must be the most intriguing books I've ever read. It's fantastic!! I hope Tom Hanks will do justice to his character in the movie cause Robert Langdon.. is AWESOME!
I had only wanted to go to the Louvre because of him.**

**Robert Langdon is in fact, a fictional character, a Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University. Very intellectual and dashing. Unmarried for some unknown reason.
I think Dan Brown created a really amazing character in Robert Langdon.

Humm.. I keep wishing to have an intellectually challenging topic to type about, but obviously it's not being granted. I really ought to stop talking about measly things, eh? But then again, this is my blog.

Ohh, I received a Raya card yesterday. Unsurprisingly it was from my... well, not exactly a "friend", is he? He's like a.. a loyal.. a really loyal, and consistent, and most probably persistent acquaintance I've ever met in my entire life.
I just find it sad that as much as "persistence" should be admired, I find myself obligated to challenge it and.. pretty much pulverize it. Isn't it odd? Maybe I'm a modern day of the devil.

Or there is that slight possibility, that I only make myself available to the unattainable men - like Danny!
Or I'm just addicted to a tragic love story, cause I'm loving the whole idea of Buffy and Spike. (okay, lame example, but I love Spike anyways!) Actually I can't decide which I love more; Buffy with Spike or Buffy with Angel. I used to love the idea of Buffy and Angel, but now when there's Spike.. he's like.. so.. endearing. And... old.
Oh no!! I think I AM attracted to people who are way too young or way too old than me!!

I'm rambling.
Shutting up now.


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