Saturday, October 22, 2005


Went break-fast with Muz.
Met up with her in Mid Valley and couldn't decide what we wanted to eat, so instead we went to get a couple of movie tickets!

I suppose it was a bit of a guilty pleasure that we both share; seeing a silly kiddish movie like Sky High. hihi! But we enjoyed it a lot!! Me and Muz were trying hard to quote this line Warren said to Layla in the chinese restaurant, but we can never seem to. grr. Gotta find that line!
I think the movie would keep me smiling for this next couple of days. hehe! Me like, lots!

Other than that, I have nothing much to say.
Ohh! I did talked to Nina earlier. Surprisingly, the thing she had to say to me was not really upsetting as I had expected.
Ooh~ and I told Muz about the thing that had upset me two nights ago, and she didn't think it was too silly of me for being upset! yeay~! Well, not exactly something to cheer about, but it felt great to be told that it's okay to be upset about.. it.

Okie! That's about it!
Have to get back to replying an email from Hanis!
Good night, world!


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