Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Hahhaa~~ gosh it's hard to focus..
when your mind is wandering off at some things. Like.. what was the two words you said in the afternoon.. and how impatient I am for Saturdaayyy!!! Weeeee!! I really really reaaaaally want to see Harry Potter! AaaAaAaa!!
Going to have my Graphics test later todayy.. Humm.. really should get some things into my head..
Eeeekk!! Why do I feel like I'm going a bit selfish huh??! I HATE!! Gosh!! I hate the way I feel nowadays! Really can't stop thinking about me.. me.. MEEE these days and it suxX!! 'Coz at these times.. I need to think about other people's feelings too!! Huwaaa!! Sorry sorry sorryyyy!! I'm so so sorry!! I'm.. really reaaally trying to cope with these obvious changes. Huhuuu.. Sorryyy...! Really don't know why I feel so guilty.
Pretty weird day.. Afternoon was neat! Hanging out with the two people I most care in MMU.. ^_^ But the night just seemed a bit *BIT* crappy.. until just now! I suddenly remembered that I have that cards! So we (me, Ana and BJ) played those predicting games.. Ehhehe! BJ's obviously not ready for any sort of commitment! Huuu.. my voice is a bit strained from cheering for Ana and my own 'results'.. AHHAHAAA!! So prasan of BJ 'coz she got perfect 'results' when she did her prediction with FREDDIE PRINZE JR.!!! Ahhahhahaaa~~!! (Yeah.. most gurls gets pretty dreamy of Freddie..) ^_^
Haiyyoo.. hope I'll manage to cope with my Graphics after this.. CRAP! I'm tired.. hungry.. and half-dumb for my Graphics!!
I'll manage...... I know I will!

Selfish for my feelings.. 'coz I've had enough people worrying about me. I refuse to run!


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