Wednesday, November 06, 2002

If only I am more rational than emotional..
Then I'd be someone else! ~ John Mayer : Would you want me when I'm not myself? ~ Just realize how emotional I can get.. it suxX, really!! Not being able to listen to my brains when I'm hurt.. or getting even more sensitive when anyone suggested that you should think it through.. humm.. I HATE!! But honestly.. if I AM more rational than emotional like I am right now.. I'd be so soo different! I mean, I'd be less rebellious.. I'd be more patient.. I'd be less self-centered.. AHHAHAH!! Gosh! Better change my name as well while I'm at that..! ^_^
I don't know.. being rational seems like a good idea.. I could think first before reacting.. Huuu.. hard.. hard..

Could I be falling?


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