Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Spinning.. and it won't stop
Sleepy!! But I haven't completed my Fundamental work!! Urghh!! I hate too much work! And mostly I hate the fact that I'm sleepy already! Sheesh!
Soo.. what's up today? Nothing much really.. Went for Graphics lecture at eleven with Ana, Fina and Mya. Gosh! The crap we talked about.. ridiculous! Then.. walked halfway back with Fariz.. parted 'coz me and the girls wanted to go for brunch at the FCM Cafe while he and his friends were going to get mounting boards for our assignments. Hihhihi.. *~ neat coincidence over the stairs, huh? Hihhihik ~* Huu.. hung out there 'til around two 'coz we waited until BJ needs to go to her English class..
Oh yeahh.. managed to bumped into Kak Yan and Abang Adi, who showed us some Beta works! Seriously kewl.. but VERY complicated!! They need to create their own fonts but they had to show some studies of their work.. Err... kinda hard to explain over here.. But it's TOTALLY kewl!! VERY VERRRYYYY!!
Then.. what did I do? Owhh.. lay around in bed some while.. then.. sit around as me and BJ watched Azura ate her late lunch.. while.. we were discussing over plenty of stuff..! Then.. Huhuuu.. some while later.. watched Mya and BJ cut Azilah's hair.. Waaaah~! Great great work from the girls..!! Very impressed, indeed! And then... we (me, Ana, BJ, Azura and Mya) went to HB1 and got dinner.. Huuu.. hung out there for such a looooong time..! Even until the guys came back from terawih!! Hung out a while with Mail (Azura's friend).. Alitt and his friend.. what's his name?? And.. yeahh!! Fariz, Dar and Azarul as well!! Hihhihi.. Though.. I was left alone at that point.. Huuu!
So anyways.. my finals are going to be on November 20th and 21st! Huu.. Mama's birthday! And the next week we're supposed to have our MUET test againn.. Yikes~! Hihihihi!! Can't wait to get it over with! ^_^

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