Friday, November 01, 2002

Owww.. I hit my head too hard..
Yeech! Stupid MSN!! I was so surprised with MSN messenger's stupidity just now that I over-hit my forehead. It hurts! Stupid stupid MSN!!
I don't know why but tonight seems a bit slow somehow. Probably 'coz the boredom I'm having and the fact that I'm feeling a bit sick right now. I don't know.. My chest still aches a bit (from this afternoon.. hihhi~ silly!) and my throat sores as well. Called home earlier this night. Somehow home sounds different. Not sure how it get that way.. but it just sound.. quiter. And somehow.. I seem to miss home! AHHAHAH~! Well.. Papa sounded sick when I talked to him. It doesn't relieve me in any way.. Huu..! Wanna go home~~!! I wish I could just go back this night but I still have English tomorrow. Oh why~??! Man, something must be very wrong with me.. for I am missing home so much these days.
So what did I do tonight? Humm.. other than calling.. messaging and receiving phone calls.. Honestly.. nothing much!! Huwaaaaa!! What a boring night. Yeahh.. I do think it's such a boring night.. but I have no other way than to accept it. Huhhu.. Nowhere to run lahh!
Okayy.. I refuse to type in anything more.. I better do something more productive.. Fundamentaalll!! Huwaarrgghh!! Or maybe.. re-read my Harry Potter number four!! AHHAHAHA~! O My God.. ROWLING!! Where's the fifth book??! Lahaaiiii!! Hihhi.. Cam dia bace jek blog nih! Poyo!

Can't wait to get home tomorrow!!!


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