Thursday, November 07, 2002

Wondering as I wandered..
Yaaah~! Just got back from that Cybervaganza bazaar over the surau! Hihhihi!! Not really THAT fun but I guess it was okay.. lightens up my mood a bit.. The feeling for break-fast was there.. seeing all those people buying food for their break-fast! Hihhi.. Though.. me, Ana and Majin kept on wandering around.. with no idea what to buy.. Saw loads of people around there.. Even Che Mat.. that Beta lecturer was there! Hihhihi.. And Juvita was there as well.. so I said.. 'tak pose pon ade gak kat sini!' Hihhihi!!
~ pause ~
Hihhihi.. break-fast!! The ayam percik was soo soooooo nice!! Hihhihi!! Now I really feel happy for break-fast! ^_^
Oh yeahh.. hihhihi! Forgot about the part when we decided on what should we buy.. Hehhe.. So we were wandering around.. meeting up our friends.. and finally deciding on AYAM PERCIK!! Which I totally regret.. the fact.. that I just bought one!! Hahahhah!! It was seriously nice!!
Can't wait 'til tomorrow! Going back home.. able to eat with Papa, Mama and Nina.. can even ask Papa to get AYAM PERCIK!! Ahahhahha!! Sorry.. going totally crazy over that.. Hihhihi!! I totally.. absolutely.. appreciate the chicken!! Yummy..!! Weeeeeeeeee!!! So tomorrow morning I'll be having my English 'til eleven (supposedly) and at 2:30 there'll be that writing test in MPH.. and then I can go back!! Yeaaayy~!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee~!!

Current song : I'd Rather Be In Love by Michelle Branch
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