Wednesday, November 27, 2002

A long pause
Sorry.. got caught in a middle of something..
Been trying to find that A*Teens song For All That I Am. Heehee! Been playing their album while I was at home..
The break is pretty slow since it started (less than a week!) All I've been doing is listen to the same ole music, see that movie 10th Kingdom on ntv7 and play The Simms. I have to say... trying to make John Mayer and Michelle Branch love each other took me whole three days!! Sheesh! Now that I know it can be done.. I'm leaving it just like that, unsaved! Hahhaa~!! I might show you peeps the pics I took in the game though (you know.. from the photo album) Heehee! Weird though.. even though the two already fond of each other.. John Mayer just can't stop himself from nagging on Michelle Branch! Mental really.. he'd automatically nag her!! Sheesh! So anyways.. if you're wondering why is it John Mayer and Michelle Branch.. Heehee! Never mind! ^_^
Anyways.. going a bit crazy for Winamp skins! Hahhaaa~!! Other than spending my whole day searching for that A*Teens' song, I also searched for loads of those skins.. Yeeheehee!!
Okie.. well.. I should get back to that long loooong movie - 10th Kingdom (today's it's last episode!) and then some rest. Having some signs of a flu..
Everybody.. GET WELL!!!


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