Monday, November 18, 2002

My days
I guess it was pretty okay. Supposedly went to see Harry Potter on Saturday with some friends but come to think about it.. it was the third Saturday and we're planing to go to Mid-Valley! Huuu.. I've had enough of Mid-Valley on holidays.. Yeech!! So *demm* busy!! But since I hate to stay home when I already said that I won't.. I worked something out with Musz.. we went to The Mall to look around and even had our break-fast there. Only got home at half past nine. Huuhuu.. I was soo sleepy in that train! My thoughts keep on wandering off. Silly me. When we got back, my dad kept asking what we did there. In six hours, we practically spent three hours walking around the mall. Huuu! I was amazed myself.. And while we had our dinner, me and Musz talked about plenty of stuff! Wee! Kewl! Haven't been talking about those sort of things for so long.. ^_^
Sunday was absolutely boring! I slept most of the day.. absolutely ignoring my final work. Memang malas nak mampos buat.. I started the work when I got back in MMU.. and that's midnight! Selambekan saja badakk! Well.. I guess nothing much was special this weekend. But I was pretty happy! ^_^ Everyone in the house seemed to be smiling a lot. And even though I wasn't fasting, there's always food around! Mama even cook for me!! Oh so happy~! Got to eat loads of roti jala (that Papa made!) and tauhu-fa!! Weeeeeee!! Aaaah!! SUKA NYERR!! I miss home already.. 'coz this day is kinda crappy! Bluekk!! Oh so sucky~! Ahhaa!! Recieved a phone call from an ole friend. Lamaaanyeeee tak denga citer! It was nice hearing back from him.. Welcome back! Beshnyer laa gi umrah ekk.. Huuu
Eyyh JASMIN!! Datanglaa this weekend. Bole bawak Nina gi tengok wayang.. bawak Wanie sekaliii!! Hihhihik! Bila orang takmo dia datang, dia datang. Bila orang nak dia datang, takleh nak datang lak! GrrRrRrR!!
I need my time off. I don't know what I feel right now.. but something bad is building up inside me.

Why should I say sorry when I did nothing wrong?


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