Tuesday, November 19, 2002

It's not really THAT important
If someone says to you that similarities are CRUCIAL in a relationship.. don't go nod your head and agrees! 'Coz I think that is all CRAP!
Seriously! What good is it if you have sooooo many things in common with your partner? When is it time will you learn something new? I mean, if he/she told you about something.. you know what's it about. When he/she talked to you about something, you truly understands and agrees with 'em.. Yeah.. MAYBE it's sweet to have someone who is just like you.. awww.. but really.. don't you think that's almost the same as having YOURSELF as a partner???? Hahhahahaa~ Silly silly..
Differences aren't all-bad, so don't fret! ^_^
Aaaahh~~ Raining again over here in MMU. Really reaaally hard! Haven't had my sleep since sahur this morning. It's getting cold around here but still.. I don't feel like a fever's coming!! Urghh!! Oh well.. better get my sleep.. Well, rest if it's possible. Mya and BJ's over here.. and they're NOT fasting!!!! How frustrating can that be?

Oh! I must be losing my mind.. somehow


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