Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello, pointless entry!

I've been in a such moody streak lately. I hate it.
My mood fluctuation made me think of bipolar everytime.. but I can't have that. I mean.. I don't have any problem keeping up with my relationships. err.. I think. Big ones anyway. Falling out is normal, right? haha! And, I'm still pretty predictable to those who really knows me. I do get bored easily, but who doesn't? hehe.
Although it would be pretty cool to say "I have bipolar", I don't think I actually want it. yikes! So troublesome lah!

I'm in an okay-ish mood today. Noone has made me angry.. yet! heehee.
I have a horrible temper, honestly. And I have an incredibly potty mouth. But that side of me doesn't come out often. At least not since I was sixteen.
I don't like talking about things that angers me; talking DOES NOT help. Talking usually intensifies my anger, so I prefer to be left alone when I'm pissy.
Plus, I hate the fact that I get angered so easily. I'd rather be in denial and somehow, not talking about it would help me forget about it easier and when I forget, well.. it didn't happen! hehe.

Though I know it's not healthy to bottle up your feelings.. I would really rather keep mine to myself as what I'm capable of saying.. could sever ties. Well, I don't really know that since I've never tested it.
But I've always felt that if I manage to say them, it'd mean that I am well prepared to sever that tie. Either way, it's bad.
So I keep my feelings to myself. Cry, or get a headache. Risk heart and lungs complications in the future. Hope that I won't have to be so stuck for too long. Pray that I could run.. or die, what ever.

hahahha! Let me remind you that I am NOT in a bad mood right now. hahahha! I have no idea why I'm writing what I am writing now. I blame the lack of sleep. I stayed up to watch the Champions League game and when they were over, the birds outside wouldn't shut up and Dida wouldn't stop impersonating them; my sister is a master at annoying me, while I am the master of embarrassing her in public. heheh! (I usually do things that should embarrass myself, but I always end up having a good laugh while she's the one who gets embarrassed.)

Was playing with the "panorama" setting on my Sony Ericsson last Saturday;

My IP always comes out as from "Petaling Jaya". Why?
I am nowhere near PJ.

Oh, I still haven't got anything of substance to share, can you tell?
(and yet it took me an hour to finish this entry!)


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