Thursday, March 05, 2009


I told Boyfie yesterday that it's a good thing Lifelogger died, or I would have even MORE blogs. But actually, now that I think of it.. if LL had survived, I wouldn't feel really inclined to use Tumblr. (other than having an intergration with Twitter, you can upload one audio file per day!) wheee! That bit got me hooked really.
Not that I'll be updating it much, (like my Wordpress and the rest of my blogs on Blogger..) but I like knowing that I have a place where I can upload my current favourite song when I want to.
I'm too lazy to learn CSS though, so I'll just settle with a boring theme for now. (I ought to learn it for this blog too but bah! As long as HTML still works, I will stick by it! rawr!)

Oh, I can be such a geek sometimes.. you have no idea.
I probably have half a dozen of things online that I check/update quite regularly but THIS will always be at the top of my list. This blog is like Boyfie and the other ones are my little distraction. hahahha! ♥

Okiee! The day's been pretty slow. (The week, really.. and yet it's Thursday!) I have nothing much to write. bah!
I haven't had much to write about lately. Not here, not in my Moleskine, not in letters.. not anywhere! I don't like it.

I suppose if Blogger releases the option to upload audio files and password-protected entries, I'd be super-loyal to this blog. hehe.


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