Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saye stalker. Kamu apa?

Buat Cik Amyan yang nervous tentang job offer: klik sini! Saye cabar awak! hahaha!
Saye tak ingat bila saye jumpe blog tu. Tak lama lepas kita first round interview kot. Macam excited lak bila blog hopping punya blog hopping, sekali jumpa blog cabin crew daa.. (Emirates, kot.) Macam sign, gitu. wahahhaha!

Pardon the Malay paragraph my dear readers.. (to Boyfie especially since I know for a fact that he stalks my blogs. hehe) I was reading the blogs that I follow (stalker mode!) and some of them were in Malay. I can't help it, they were stuck in my brain. (So I mirror them..)
Although, bad English never managed to take over my brain. Maybe because I don't read enough of them. (Of course, I'd like to NEVER read enough of it.) I honestly don't understand why people intentionally write badly. Really. WHYYYY?!

Bad English in one entry is funny, people.
Bad English for EVERY entry is a torture!!
Well, for me obviously since I keep writing about it. haha! True story; growing up, my dad didn't like the idea of his children watching/reading Popeye because he doesn't speak proper English. hahaha! My dad didn't exactly "forbid" us from watching it though. He just didn't approve. Archie's on the other hand, is a big thumbs up.

hmm.. the coincidences in my life is odd. It's like.. there would be a lull period where I do nothing, have nothing to do, no one to see, no reason to move.. and then comes the period where I have everything to do, everyone to see.. every reason to move. It gets kinda crazy, but I suppose there's nothing much to say about it since it's normal for me..
It's still kinda weird though. I mean, I would like to know when am I going to have those period changes.

Oh, I tried Plinky the other day. I'm not sure how I found it. (I got Tumblr from a random follower's tweet.) Basically, Plinky is for those who wants to blog but has no idea what to blog about.. so they gave you prompts; questions or challenges that you can answer.
Well, I have no problem blogging today, as you can see.
I do have a problem staying in bed, though.

2 comments: said...

dah baca! :D

and oh, heels 3 inci? *gulp* :-S

Monkey's Bunny said...

itulaa.. but dalam banyak2 comments tu dia ade cakap rasa je cam 3 inci.. but dia tak ukur pun..
MAS punye se inci stengah je rasenye.. tak tinggi sangat la.

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