Friday, March 06, 2009

I'm happy to be happy!

hmm.. I was looking through what sort of trash I had in my handbag earlier.. and there was this old Borders receipt. Okay, first.. I saw For One More Day on Hallmark a few days ago and I thought; meh.. good thing I didn't buy the book.
So, back to that receipt.. sometime in 2007, I went to Borders and got myself The Alchemist, Like The Flowing River.. and For One More Day!! HAHAHAHHA!!
duuude! Obviously I bought the book and hadn't read it yet -- and I have NO IDEA where it is!! Where is it??? gah! Guess I should look for it.. sometime. hahaha!

blah. I actually have a couple of books that I haven't read yet. mmph. Dante's, Edgar Allan Poe's, Jane Austen's.. I should probably spend a couple of days reading all those books. (Before I yap about wanting some new books at least!)

Today I went on a lunch date with my sisters. Good fun. Loads of stupid, silly jokes within one hour (happy hour!) like always. See, of all the right things my parents had done, my sisters.. they are at the very top of that list! heehee.

Dida had people to see after lunch so I went back on the train.. and guess what?
I got to see a free shooww!
The guy sitting across me was wearing shorts and didn't keep his legs together. bahahahhaha!! mm.. yeaa.. I don't get creeped out by balls, apparently. I've always wondered why noone ever flashed me before. I would have a good laugh out of it.
I remember back in school when some kids got flashed and was mortified about it. I've always pictured myself pulling out a pair of scissors if I get flashed. (Then I'll chase the guy around! See how he'd like that!)
So.. yeaa.. no wonder people are usually worried FOR me. bahahhahaha!

American Idol's wild card show was exciting! The ending was the best! hahahha! ♥ That's the way it should be, honestly..

And Boyfie.. I love you SO MUUUCH!!


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