Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saya rindu Pipoos!!

I was looking through some old pics..
That must be a Tuesday, 'coz there's a market in Beurs on Tuedays where I'd buy fish, flowers (that one time) and silly t-shirts. hehhe! But we're not talking about the market or Beurs (!!) today..
I miss Pipoos!!
(website, in Dutch naturally! ooooh!! webwinkel! -- ps: I'm not exactly fluent in Dutch, but I know enough to guess.. hahaha!)
Heaven on Earth. Okay, that's a bit over the top. Let's call it my favourite playground then. duude. If only there's a shop like Pipoos over here. (Of course that would mean I would be even more poorer than I already am! hahahha!)
Actually, that art store in The Gardens, Midvalley is probably a bit like Pipoos. Not exactly since the decor is a drab (unlike the cheery Pipoos stores!) but I see some potential there.. I'll look into it a bit more closer the next time I'm there.

Since it's been a pretty boring week, I decided that I should probably work on finishing my Europe-travel journal.

I know, it's been over two years and there is a big chance that I'd forgotten everything there was to write about the trips I've made. But I need to try and remember those huge chunks anyway 'cause there are a bunch of empty pages in there and I haven't written a single word on Berlin! gah.
I feel bad when I leave things out or forget about them.

Well, I still have a few stickers and embellishments that I could use. hmm.. I love Pipoos!!
I'd be doing a lot more "arts and crafts" things if I could easily get my supplies -- but because I can't, I fear that I will run out of the things I now have.. blah.
But I should just complete the journal so I'll feel better; to finally finish something that I'd started.

hmm.. so.. I'll be working on that this week.
I just feel like doing something with my hands and I'm uninspired to make cards or write letters. Bad-ish week, so I don't feel like making any attempts to socialize. hehe.

Oh! Why am I writing about Pipoos and my travel journal?
hmm.. for what ever reason, I've been dreaming about travelling this past few night.. every night really. Sometimes I'm actually in a foreign place. Sometimes I'm at the train station. Sometimes I'm kinda like in the airport. And a few times I'm at an underground station; getting lost, waiting for the next train.. really. It's kinda bugging me. Makes me restless.


Nuts said...

are you traveller?

nice blog anyway!

Monkey's Bunny said...


I wish I am.. but I'm not. just travelleD. big past tense there -_-

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