Friday, March 27, 2009


I wish I wasn't lame, but I was. So..
Let's try to move on from the thing that's been bugging me since Wednesday.

Idol stuff!
Some people likes Danny (me included).. some people likes Kris (Cik Amyan!).. some are crazy about Adam (I don't know why).. some likes Anoop.. but last night, I find myself rooting for Matt Giraud!
Seriously, I give him props for not reminding me how Let's Get It On is pretty much a straight-forwarded sex song. I usually smack myself in the forehead everytime I heard that song, but listening to Matt.. it was surprising! Nicely surprised.

I had so much fun yesterday.. despite still being bugged by Wednesday T_T

Went to the briefing.. Saw Fariq at a distance but I decided not to call him. hehe. I sat with Amyan, May and Fabian.. Had laughs with Amyan.. teasing her on things. haha! It was a pretty good morning despite not being able to stop worrying.
Amyan drove me to the lrt station (THANK YOUUUUU!) then I made my way to KLCC. Had lunch in the park.. got rained on.. had Caramel Ice Blend.. then finally Ana arrived!!

Sat around.. yapped and yapped.. walked just a bit, then decided to head to Shah Alam so we could meet up with Bahijah after she got off work.
Ilsa ended up joining us after he got off work too, so there were four of us.. sitting around a table. It felt like old times again! (Minus the gossips because Ana hasn't been doing a very good job collecting materials. hahahha!)

Okay. I don't feel like writing anything of actual substance here. (One that would require me to think to write.) Because my thoughts are just.. saddening, really.
So I'll just stop now.

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hehe no prob! hopefully there'll be more rides after this (in other words, hopefully we'll both get thru that freakin' medical check up T.T)

oh i like Kris, but i don't think he'll be the idol. i like Allison and Anoop too, but they haven't really done anything like Adam or Matt did! and Adam best ape! hahaha :P

so yeah, i prefer the idol to be Adam or Matt Giraud! :D

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