Friday, October 06, 2006

Effing IDIOTS!!

Seriously. I'm pissed.
Remember me not to hope for things again.

I guess my hunch is too right that it usually breaks my own heart. Effing idiot!
Those store people I mentioned earlier.
HA-HA! Sometimes my own judgement baffles me.
Seriously. (I'm replacing my curses into "seriously")

Not only I wasted my effort.. energy.. TIME and money, I came home today with N O T H I N G!!!
They wasted my dreams of two days.. waiting for my b/w photos and returned my films just as the way they were and gave me a crap excuse that the machine broke down. AND! They also need another day to process my typical.. 35mm COLOUR film!!

Effing idiots!!
And the parking had cost RM2 in SACC!! Seriously!! It's times like this when I absolutely.. truly DESPISE Shah Alam! Bandar Anggerik my ass!!
So everyone, DON'T GO to that photo store in the lower ground floor of SACC Mall named East Ocean Photoshop. Seriously.

Now I need to take a breather and.. break-fast. (see what anger made me do?)


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