Monday, October 02, 2006

Now now..

I'm not exactly in the mood to write but I find it amusing that Dida reads my blog even when she's home so I reckon that she'll check my blog when she's settled back in Rotterdam. So here..

Feeling.. Well.. NOT feeling what I usually felt. Stoic is probably the word but Rai is convinced that I own no emotion and that I'm cold blooded. His exact words - which are totally MEAN and I'd rather not try to explain anymore of it!
Azraai, I'm not mad. Especially when you made me laugh by saying the exact opposite of the earlier statements. Grr.. (geram!) hahha!
Plus, how can I be mad at you when you're leaving?

People always leave.
So here I am typing away - and writing a short message for Hanis who's also leaving later today.
I'm definitely NOT going to cry even though Cine said I looked like I was about to cry yesterday. hahha! I think I've been getting that a lot.

me & Dida


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