Friday, October 06, 2006

Enjoying moodiness.

Came across two fab songs this past couple of days and I can't stop putting them on loop! (typical!)

Had a mind-numbing experience while I was in the car with Papa earlier today. He found the RTM channel for 50s, 60s, and 70s songs amusing - makes him laugh. Well, it gave me an excrutiating headache! I'm obviously too smart for those sort of channel! hahha!!
For the record, my father was only amused 'cause he had the same twisted, sarcastic sense of humour as me and my sisters have (although Papa's and Nina's are even more sarcastic! Maybe it's a Gemini thing.. who knows!) but seriously.. I can't stand those torturous so-called music!

Makes you wonder..
what were they THINKING?!!
Were they thinking at all???
Geez! No more.

And for the sake of humouring myself throughout the ride, I made a mistake of telling him about my dream wedding! Yes yes.. I do dream about wedding sometimes. Close those gaping mouth of yours please..
I'm hoping that he won't mention about it anywhere in the future or I shall die of embarassment!
Geez! No more!

Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon! Going to collect the b/w films I finally sent to be developed! woot!! Hopefully the store-people kept their promise and didn't screw up my orders. sigh. I definitely miss Europe! (the pictures are of Europe.)
Yes.. even the cold. hahha!
lalu ke H&M untuk menyedapkan hati sendiri.. hahhaha!!

Currently listening to: Crashing Down by Mat Kearney.

I'm definitely enjoying this moodiness.


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