Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You're losing points, dear.

Seriously. You haven't seen me really annoyed yet. So seriously.. Just the fact that I want to like you is not a big enough reason for me to actually like you.

Moving on!! (Be prepared for my usual.. proper blog update!)
I actually had an entertaining day, yesterday. I began the afternoon sorting out my junk and it's all Azraai's and Arep's fault really, that got me stuck at the old letters that I still keep. Hilarious! I was laughing to tears one second, and next second I had almost snorted out bogeys onto those old papers - really unattractive.
I was going through one of Hanis' letters when I just couldn't go through with it! One moment I was reading Muz telling me to stop being so hopeless over a boy.. then Hanis told me to keep my stories until after the trial exam.. and Dayat telling me how miserable she was in Kulim.. Then there's Ecah who was excited to not have to stay in Kulim.. and Azraai asking me about my latest love life since I rarely ever talk about it!! HAHHAHAHHA!!! Really.
a bag of letters Hanis' old.. UGLY even, handwriting
Did nothing much then. I didn't even manage to actually "sort out" my junk! Have to pick right where I had left it today. heh!

Ohh, dearest Hanis.. thank youuuuuuuuuuu!! I was pleasantly surprised with what's in the mail. Luvya babe!!

Just had a crazy Yahoo! chat conference just now. It was fun while it was fun.. boring when it was dull.. and infuriating at the end. 'Til later!


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