Monday, October 23, 2006


I'm afraid if you're hoping for one of my usual good long entries, I'd have to disappoint you.
I suppose at these times most Malaysians - Muslims would be writing excitedly about their Eid Mubarak plans or at least the excitement that they will be able to eat food during daylight again. You won't find that here since I had even forgotten when was the last time I was excited about the Eid, plus.. I could've ate in daylight if I had wanted to. *winks lazily* Get it?
Eid came early for me.

Waiting on the final race of the season - Formula One, I mean.
I think it's sad.. The final race for Michael Schumacher! It just had to be sad! No more Schumy in Sepang.. sigh. I shall miss him. He's been a GREAT driver and such a great sport! sigh.

The upside to this is that Kimi Raikkonen is going to take his place in Ferrari and that Felipe Massa is getting better and better! The team should be brilliant next season!
I think it's amusing that both Raikkonen and Massa were both from Sauber-Petronas just a couple of years ago! Me and Dida have this theory that even though Sauber-Petronas weren't really a good race team, they're definitely great scouts! heh.

Okay. That's just about it!
Ohh right.. Manchester United pretty much kicked Liverpool's arse earlier!! hahha! Poor Gerrard.

O yeah!! Note to self: last night I got Nina to cut my hair. I think I'm cursed with 60's hair no matter the length of my hair! Pah!


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