Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My day.

Apparently I have nothing else to share.

I spent the day doing nothing much, but I finally collected the coloured film that I sent to be processed. I was glad that they didn't screw up when I asked for them to process the film and print me an index and nothing more.
Although I must ask.. does an index print should cost RM5??? Seriously!! Cekik darah! RM10 for just that! (plus the processed film.) Gile benci! Never again!
I seriously HATE that darned shop!

I just got back home from a night out with friends about an hour ago. Alia got free tickets for the preview of World Trade Center at Cathay. (The movie opens this Thursday in Malaysia.) There were eight of us; Zaki, Farah, Arep, Leen, Shahrir, Idris, Alia and me.
in Mosin after the movieBig SORRY to Farah and Zaki for us being late! Totally not mine or Alia's fault! Blame the other boys for never being punctual!
Honestly.. how come I've NEVER found a guy that is EVER punctual before?? Seriously! ALL MY LIFE.. they're always LATE!! That is just wrong!

WTC was.. not that brilliant. It was very tense at some moments which I thought was EXCELLENT but they were too short to make up for the long, dragging scenes. It wasn't as touching as I reckon they had hoped it would be and not at all informative! I believe they could've made it SO much better if they had went to other people's perspective than JUST the two policemen whom practically did nothing heroic at all - except for believing that they were.
Sorry.. that might be a spoiler but I couldn't help myself.
And those Jesus parts!! No offence to Christians or anything but those scenes of him had made the entire part a little cartoon-like. Again, another spoiler!
Seriously.. I was more touched and emotionally triggered when I saw one of those Seconds From Disaster on Discovery Channel.

I won't be giving any stars since that is just NOT the way I do it but here's a tip.. you don't really have to see this film! It was touching, but not so much! Although I must say.. the scene when the policemen were running for cover when the building collapsed - now THAT was bloody brilliant!
I was rooting for those guys to make it. The movie was good, but it wasn't as great as the fact that we got to see it free in a pretty awesome cinema!

Checked my Statcounter and saw this..
Dida, do you check up on me this much??
I'm not sure if I should be flattered or worried instead. Btw, Papa and Mama had been asking if you'd called - which you haven't for some days! I think they're missing you already.

Okay. Hoping that I have enough money for (later) today's b/w pics from Pak Tai AND Wednesday's plans! haha! Haven't figured out how to go there yet. sigh.


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