Saturday, October 07, 2006


heehee. I guess that don't make much sense, huh?
Took the WOMBAT (Wizards' Ordinary Magic and Basic Aptitude Test) on JK Rowling's site sometime last week and what did I get??
I was SO nervous when I clicked the envelope. Seriously.. the questions were HARD!! Getting Exceeds Expectations had exceeded MY expectation! hahha!! I wonder what Nina got since she did it too but I won't check her results until she sees it herself or at least told me to see it! heehee.
Hope I get to catch the 3rd Grade since I missed the 1st.. sigh.
I feel giddy... after an awful and rather weird evening.

Dearest Muz.. you couldn't possibly bore me.
I think you know that if I was, I would've ran back home by myself!

Ohh! I just read Asha's blog and I couldn't help feeling like she was talking about me. hahhha!! *amat perasan* It's that line "--crazy bout lotsa things" that's got me thinking actually! hahha! *seriously perasan!*
If it really is me, do tell!

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