Thursday, October 12, 2006


**fotopages updated!** heh!

Had a great time with friends yesterday! But I must say that there were too many people and too many things going on that I couldn't possibly focus on anything much! hahha!! I know I would've liked to talk more to Ablen, Dar and Fariz but everyone seemed so occupied with everything else, eh? heehee.

So we (Bahijah, Ana and me) finally managed to catch The Devil Wears Prada like we had originally planned last week! The movie ended around 6:40 but still we walk around OU and got to Homst Restaurant well after the azan and joined Incik Dar and some other err.. acquaintances. (There were loads of them!)

Later that we hung out at the bowling alley near GSC (in OU again!) and had loads of fun there!!
Me and the girls had so much fun going nutty at the pool and fusball table. I especially love the fusball since I was a better player at it than I was in pool! hahhah! I was a total rubbish, it's shameful really! The girls were so much fun!
Ana, I want those pictures in your camera!!

Okay. That's about it.
Ohh! Alia, I was wondering why you called me. SO SORRY that I haven't returned the call. I think this is still the wee morning! hahahha!! Talk to you soon, girl!

Maybe I'll catch my rest now.


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