Monday, October 27, 2008

Duuude, I'm bored.

So I'm in Seremban..
Nina and Jasmin invited some people over for an "open house" on Sunday. (I suppose it's a Malaysian thing where you invite people over to your house for food and I dunno.. catching up?) Dida and I came on Saturday night to help them with the food that by Sunday afternoon, me and Dida couldn't help ourselves from falling asleep while there were still Jasmin's friends around.
(Well, Dida at least managed to hide herself in the spare room.. I dozed off on the sofa in the living room. hehe)

Now it's Monday, Deepavali and also Izzati's 5th birthday!

Dida's not feeling well and has been practically sleeping all day. No idea when we're going head home. blah. Could've gone home with the parents last night but the thought of being in the same car with JUST them was SO unappealing.

Anyway, 'til later!
Nothing much to write about, really.


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