Thursday, October 23, 2008

Perhaps today I could try.

And write.

It's weird not having a single thought. It's weird not having a single thought that I could write about. It wasn't as if I was devoid of ANY thought at all for these past few days. (I could only dream about the existence of such days -- I've never had them.) But most of the thoughts I had were too personal for me to write in a blog.
Some were not even written in my Moleskine.

You know how some things are better left unsaid so they wouldn't seem "real".. and you could continue on living in denial -- in hopes that it'll keep the sadness at bay and you can live your life relatively happy?
That's what I was doing. Keeping myself from writing anything so I wouldn't write myself to gloom.
And so, I am happy to announce to you that I am not gloomy! hehe

Though I have been smoking more lately. That's not good. I mean, I hate spending so much on ciggies! I've always thought people who spends money on smoke are stupid. If this keeps up, I'm gonna have to start stealing! hahahhaha! Okay, not funny.

Somebody once told me that I have a set of eyes that has the expression as if they were laughing at the world in mockery. Well, I don't mock the world -- I mock at people. hahhaha! Again, not that funny.
Anyway, last night I was standing around as Dida took out some money from the ATM. My eyes wandered around and my eyes caught this guy on the escalator.. I suppose he was looking my way as well that when our gazes met, he had a small smile and raises his eyebrows! HAHAHHAHA! That was funny. What is it with Malaysian men, really? Can't women look without having them turn an innocent look into something else? Can't I look without having them turn an innocent, boring look into something else?? hahhaha!
Ah well, I'm obviously easily amused.
Although, one thing about Malay men that had NEVER amused me.. is how many of them likes to say "jangan la marah" (don't be upset) even when you're not even remotely upset. That line INFURIATES me.

I'm afraid if any man says that to me, I'd immediately stamp them as a "typical Malay man" and a MORON. hahahha!

I'm rambling. And quickly losing my un-gloominess. Better be off and write a letter or something.
'Til later.


Jangteh said...

You smoke, Wanie? Really, really smoke, as in lighting up and inhaling the nicotine? Jangan marah, but I can't picture you smoking. Anyway, I smoke too, and a rokok daun at that.

Monkey's Bunny said...

err.. yeah.. it's my one and only vice (so far. hehe) and coffee, if you consider that as a vice :P

you're not the first person to say that though.

Girl That Jumps said...

Wanie? smoking?
just like pen and paper. hahahahha

Monkey's Bunny said...

evil! EEEVIL!!!

Jangteh said...

try rokok daun, they're safer. its the chemicals in the normal cigs thats damaging (seen the movie 'The Insider'?). saltpetre is a kind of gunpowder that keeps the cig lighted. imagine inhaling gunpowder! no chemicals in tembakau. and with tembakau you can also put it inside your mouth and chew... 8-)

Monkey's Bunny said...


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