Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Crappy feeling still lingers around at a corner somewhere but as I'm in a better mood than I was in last night.. I should grab this chance by distracting myself with some lame, trivial entry. hahaha!

So.. since Raya is pretty much over, (I've never been a fan of open-houses) I've been making a mental list of things I'd like to get with my duit Raya.
HAHAHHAHAHA!! (trivial enough for you?) hahhaahha!

Dida thought I was going nutty the other night as I ran things through with her. First I yapped about how I like the IDEA of getting something new to wear.. but I know myself too well that I'll end up with a book! hahaha! I fail at being the "typical girl". But I should bring myself to get a new pair of shoes. Mary-janes? Ballet? Heels? Flats? Black? Coloured?

Then we saw a really cute British-inspired dress at the Mango display. (I LOVE Brit inspired pieces.. also army/marching band-like jackets! I honestly hover around those things.) But really.. I don't need anymore dresses nor jackets -- I don't wear enough of the ones I already have. bah.

It's like this.. I can either spend a lot, or not spend at all; but that's upsetting since to me, you are meant to have money so you can spend it! But blowing them out on BOOKS are so geeky! hahahha!
Maybe I'll just get myself some socks and undies. HAHAHAHA! I was actually thinking of asking for people to send me socks for my birthday but that's a way too silly of a request! (Although really.. I would LOVE to get socks! Not from you though, hun. Socks are too easy for you. heehee)

ughh.. So anyway.. I just can't decide. Maybe I'll just end up spending them at San Fran like I usually would; books and good food. blah. It's boring how predicatable I am -- to myself. HAHAHAHHA!
God, I've been laughing and smiling too much just because of this entry.

mm anyway, I haven't decided on anything. Wish I was born rich.. I bet rich people doesn't have to decide on anything because they get to have EVERYTHING. (Of course, that is only my assumption.. I'd like to test that out myself please, thank you!)

Oh by the way.. did you notice the ad on your right?? hahahha!


Anonymous said...

patut ko wish utk jadik rajin @ berguna.. bukan kaya!.. nak senang jek... huh!

Monkey's Bunny said...

but it's MY freakin' wish!!

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