Sunday, October 05, 2008

Songs for You, Truths for Me

Seriously. How can you NOT love James Morrison??
For one, he's my age.. British.. Leo.. plays the guitar.. writes brilliant songs.. and he has an incredibly sexy husky voice. *melts*
Seriously. He is SO on my freebie list. Even after a year, he's still on that list. hahahha!
sorry hun.. feel free to make your own list. heehee. Have that Chuck-chick on it maybe..

I can admit that two of the songs on his latest album were an easy favourite for me. They were just brilliant. Really brilliant. I'd get completely spaced out when I listen to them -- okay, that isn't necessarily a good thing.. but those two songs were just.. brilliant.

Anyway, here's one of them.. I think it featured his voice at the best;
(but do note that I'm first and foremostly a "lyrics" person. hehe. The other song meant more to me but I'm saving it for later..)

James Morrison - If You Don't Wanna Love Me


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