Monday, October 13, 2008

Trouble sleeping.

Well, to be honest it's not really a trouble.
It's not exactly a "trouble" when I fell asleep around 6 and woke up just before 10. Naturally, I'd still be up at 4am when that happens.

It's been a quiet weekend. I was bored for the most part of it -- the part where I'm awake, that is.

Boyfie said we'll talk tomorrow (Sunday), but we didn't. Lie lie LIEE!!!! ha ha ha. Sorry, I'm not actually laughing, but I'm naturally being melodramatic over a stupid phonecall. (I never recalled them ever being stupid, really.)
I'm being stupid. What ever. I just hate the way I feel sometimes. I hate it when I try not to make a big deal out of things -- by shutting up -- but that in itself is a big deal.. somehow.

Perhaps I've made myself pretty clear here that I'm not exactly a mild-tempered person. I'm angry most of the time. If I'm not angry, I'd usually be upset instead, which is equally draining. ughh.. I have NO IDEA what is wrong with me!! An hour ago I was angry and now I'm just sad and crying. Pathetic!
Crap crap crap.
Maybe I should be medicated.
Can I really blame everything on my parents? Crap.

Mike Schmid - The House We Built

I honestly cannot comprehend why ANYONE would want to get into my mind. I wish I could escape it.

TJ have this theory on girls; how they are all high-maintenance -- whether materialistically, emotionally or in time. I laughed when I first heard it. He has all kinds of theories on girls; kinda annoying. (Though amusing.) So.. a girl who is high maintenance in the material area is in need of a lot of things.. the guy would need to buy her a bunch of things, spend his money.
The girl who is emotionally high maintenance would basically need constant reassurance of the guy's feelings for her. A girl who is high maintenance in time is the one who needs the guy to spend all the time he has to be with her.

I might not get the definitions exactly like the way he said it.. not in the mood to look through the logs right now, but mm.. yah! I think that was basically it. It was funny the first time I heard it. Now.. not so much.

Sometimes I wonder why I even blog.


TauKamal said...

doink, i think the moment you wrote this all you needed was a good night sleep.. bhaha :p

Girl That Jumps said...

i think i'm the "in-time" kinda girl.
I need the lover right here right now... forever!

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahahhaha! yes!

(amazingly that reply is applicable to the both of you.)

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