Friday, October 17, 2008

PB & J

Doing better now.
Seriously.. had I been more of a girly girl, I'm pretty sure my mood swings would be more of an interchange between fine and angry than fine and depressed. It was amusing though.. the last time I was feeling down, Boyfie said matter-of-factly that "thinking of depressive thoughts does not mean that you're depressed" but the other night he asked "why are you so depressed lately?". hahahha! For once he actually recognized my depression. hahhahaha!
I shouldn't be too happy about that, should I?

Last week I watched some old episodes of The Office. First few of the 4th season specifically because Jim and Pam are the happiest in those. haha! (S04E04 was nicest somehow..) I can't help it.. I like seeing people who grins too much I suppose. Reminds me of happier days.
I've always envied those kinds of people anyway.

Paramore did an exclusive song for the Twilight movie soundtrack, which sounded pretty good! If you're a fan, you could listen to it on Stephenie Meyer's website. I'm actually looking forward to the movie even though I know it'll actually butcher the things that I love in the book -- I'm prepared to be disappointed.

So I suppose I could use my duit raya to fix my computer.. or guitar.. But "fixing stuff" doesn't feel like the right way to be spending my happy money. (Happy money = money I get even when I did nothing to deserve it. hahaha!) And I want to spend it on frivolous things! Shoes.. clothes.. accessories that I'd rarely wear.. make up.. hahaha!
But I'm going to feel guilty about it if I do.. bah! I hate that I'm so indecisive.

Oh, I took a picture of the drain near my house. The one on the left was taken two days ago.. while it was still raining. Seriously, the drainage isn't bad.. but the rain was.
Well I'm bored. Going to do some research on nothing now.


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