Thursday, February 13, 2003

Addicted again..
Heeeeeeelllp~!! Mama really shouldn't let me brought her set of eye-shadows over here.. I'm addicted to it!! But of course, I'm just wearing the black-colored one. I have to say.. I like~~! Heehee~! And even my friends are toying with it. Hehh~!
Went to class this morning.. 10 am, to find that there was no class! Chehh~! What a waste of energy. Sempat lambai 'Ms Universe' kat Bahijah and Yusrah who were in their class along with Ana and Fina. English at twelve.. kinda boring.. I don't know.. things are just different~!
Pagi tadi Wanie bodo.. pegi banjirkan the whole kitchen~!! Papa suh Wanie pasang air for the washing machine.. so I did! Lepas mandi I turned on the tap, and totally forgot about it while I was getting ready to get back here. Huhuuu~!! Kesian Papa kena lap sumer.. Huwaaaa~!! Nape Wanie bangang sangat nih?!! BENCI!! I am such a klutz and I hate that!! I wish I can throw away half of me for a week!!

I'm not here...


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