Thursday, February 20, 2003

My heart is crazy~!!
Yes, it is..
Anyways.. it's late at night.. I've been alone in my room for hours since Fina went back home since Amal took some days off 'coz his brother is getting married~! While Ana went out with Jai.. So yeah, me.. alone.. absolutely alone.. Get it?? And all f*cked up 'coz I have a demm crazy heart as a companion! Urrghh!! So, I've actually spent straight 5 hours watching a "Smallville and Gilmore Girls" marathon. Feels like I'm going off crazy in a bit..
My heart's stupid.. and I'm getting a pain in my head. Crap.. crap.. crap..!!
But anyhow.. I'd like to say big BIG BIGGG thanks to Kak Yan.. Hihhihik~! Kak Yan roxX!! Dah ade theme songs Meteor Garden!! Yippeeeee!!
Ever had a big question.. a very important question to you.. that you're dying to let out but you don't want to have the answer for it?? I think I'm having that right now. A question that is close to my heart.. that I'd love to let out.. to the big void where it just wanders around without being touched and harmed..

How can it be?


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