Thursday, February 20, 2003

Why does my heart....?
Ekkekkeke!! Don't you think when family say something nice about what you did is just very verry cool? ^_^ I think it's usually family who won't say much about the things you do.. 'coz they'd usually expect plenty from you, and so you can't hear those puji pujian words from them often. Well, I don't know.. My family's like that! Bukan jenis puji-puji sangat orang.. Perasan tak? I did.. Ekkekke! Wanie punye puji-puji slalu bunyik cam jealousy. Ekkekke! Tak reti nak buat bunyik cam lain.. Fina tere laa~! Wanie tak biaselaa puji-puji ni. So yeah, I don't really get any 'congratulary-words' much from my dad.. but of course, I'm not really the child to be proud of~ Ekkekke! So I don't expect to get those often. Weii.. ape puji in English nihh??! Pening orang pikir.. grrRrRrR!
O yeah.. Nina puji sebab dia baru tengok webby and she thinks it's nice! Hehehihihikekekke!! Don't you think that was a stupid laugh??! Ekkekke!
Okay.. just had three hours of sleep.. can't understand why I woke up so early by my own. GrrRrrR!

And I still don't know what's puji in English!!
Ekkeke.. okay.. 8:43 = Nina said it's compliment!! Apsal la bengap sangat Wanie skarang nih?? Dahlaa MUET pon dapat Band 4 jekk!! Average.. Urrrghh!! Benci! Buat sakit ati btol..! Rase nak tendang diri sendrik!


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