Sunday, February 23, 2003

Saturday - February 21, 2003 Sick?
Shoot.. Lost of appetite again. I think it really suxX, not being able to finish your meal. Honestly, I've had that plenty of that these days, and I don't like it one bit! Makes me feel like I'm sick.. Though, I usually get sick when I don't eat.. And yeah, it's coming. My flu's over.. but Mama kept telling me how pale I was when I got home, yesterday. I hate that! I hate it when people tell me that I'm pale.. 'coz I've been hearing that for years and years.. I'm not well!! Get over it! It's not like I do it on purpose. Bluerrghh.. Though, I don't faint when I do plenty of activities. I just get really... really drowsy and pale. Huhuu.. not enough blood, equals to not enough oxigen. Actually, I don't know much about this 'sickness' I'm having. I didn't do my part of research 'coz I kept forgetting the name of this 'sickness'. If I say that I'm anemic, I think I'd be lying.. 'coz I don't feel like it's THAT serious. Hehh~ Though I do know that donating my blood can risk my own life, and the one that receives my blood.. Not really risk their life, but I don't think it helps if they use my blood.. Ekkekke! (sorry if you don't get this..) So anyways.. maybe one day I'll go a bit 'medical' when I know exactly what I'm having. ^_^ Bengong.. dah banyak kali check darah, but still tak tau blood group ape.. Ekkekke!! Kenape kan, Wanie rase.. kalau teenagers ade penyakit lah kan, usually berkenaan ngan darah? Huumm..
Drowned with boredom this whole day. Thought I was going crazy, but I didn't! Wanted so much to hang out with someone, but I can't think of anyone. I mean, I thought of calling some guy friends and ask any of them to hang.. but nanti terpikir lain laak.. tak kuase! I really hate the fact that my gurl friends are not around.. and I can't call up my guy friends 'coz I'm afraid if I'd be 'inappropriate'.. Urrghhh!! Wanted to go out alone, but who am I kidding? I even had trouble crossing a busy road all by myself. Ekkeke!! And where's the fun in going out alone?? Hihhihik~!
And now you and I are trapped
in a rather confusing box

Hehh~ well, I'm confused over something right here.. And I don't know why I think of that line. I think I've been hearing that word -confuse- too much these days. Ana like to say it to me.. "Maybe dia confuse kot.." Ekkekke!! It frustrates me, but it's getting funnier everytime me and Ana use it again.. ^_^
Okehh.. that's all for tonight. I have nothing else mind-opening (yeah, right!) to say tonight..

Current song : Tonight by Sixpence None The Richer
~ It's hard to know where I'm supposed to go ~

Friday - February 20, 2003 Meteor Garden
Honestly, I hate Dao Ming Si's mother!! What's up with her, maan? San Chai decided to leave Si 'coz his mom is messing with her friends' lives. So not fair!! Just because she's from a different background, Si's mom told them to stop seeing each other. And San Chai is really getting to like Si!! If that happens in real life, surely it'd hurt.. They were just about to get so attached.. But I think San Chai's really neat! She's brave enough to stand up to Si's mom.. and at least both of them had some moments together to stand up for their 'happiness'.. of course, that's until Si's mom made a move to San Chai's friends. So selfish of her!! And moms usually thought of their childrens' happiness!! Bluekk! Jahat.. jahaaat!
Ekkeke!! Funny.. I've read the spoilers of this series but I'm still sensitive over the episodes.. Ekkekek!
Okaay, been messing with my parents lately. Maybe you ought to try this at home. Kalau diorang gertak nak tinggalkan korang kat mane-mane, or tak nak amek korang.. (yeah, usually happen to me 'coz I made stupid stupid jokes that made them geram at me.. Ehhehe~!) cakap kat diorang "Eleeeh.. nanti korang rindu!".. Ekkekek!! Of course, I don't know your parents, and I don't know their response.. but my charm works perfectly at my parents and sisters.. 'coz they'd laugh it up and say no more. I mean, if they agree to it, it'd sound a wee yucky, and if they deny it.. who knows when I'm really really gone! ^_^ Actually this line is just some bit of a reminder to them.. Jangan slalu sangat gertak-gertak carik pasal.. kite tak tau ape jadi kat future nanti.. kan kann??
I don't know why I've been thinking so much lately about "if I'm gone.." Kinda scary thought, don't you think? And things have been a bit different, lately too.. Ekkekke!!! Okay okaay.. not going to talk about this one! ^_^

But I won't deny that I've had some good times..


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