Thursday, February 27, 2003

"Babi betul.."
Urrgh!! What is wrong with me!! Sometimes I just get so angry at stuff!! Like right this moment! My hands are just shaking and I really don't know why!! Okay, I do know why.. but it's really not a big deal. But I'm just so furious at these small things! Urrghhh!! Shit! And guess what I keep repeating through out this week.. "Babi betul.."
Funny.. that's the one word that I didn't use when I curse usually.. but that's what I keep saying through this week. *Demm* Why does everything frustrates me these days.. PMS tak? Urrghh!!
Today.. I'm so VERY demm tired!! Been going back and forth from the FCM building to the room. Things are just a whole of crap.. and at five, I'll have to go back again for yet another meeting!! (scream~)

I refuse to say anything else now..


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