Sunday, June 18, 2006

#2 - Medical-series fix.

It's hardly 24hours since I got back and I've seen..
4 episodes of House and 2 of Grey's Anatomy.
Out of the altogether 6 episodes.. 3 of them made me cry! hahaha!!
Talk about pathetic.

Euphoria made me cry.. that part when Cameron was in the room with Foreman. Man! And I was watching that 2-episodes of Grey's Anatomy; It's The End Of The World and As We Know It. Really.. touching!
I'm so going to watch it again later. heehee.

Okay, I somehow have this feeling that I should write about my way home. It's kinda boring actually, so.. don't mind me. I'm just trying to relieve myself.

So I headed for Frankfurt the other day, and Tik was there to pick me up from the train station. She's a doll! She brought me along to her friend's house, Kak Ina and had a good meal over there! There were a bunch of people and we ate and hung out watching football. It was really hilarious 'coz everyone had their favourites and some of them just rooted for Trinidad and Tobago 'cause they didn't want England to win! ahhahaha! So pardon me for joining in the shouting and screaming. hahhaha!!

Sadly I didn't have much time to really soak in the World Cup atmosphere in Frankfurt since I had to leave early to the airport, but it was pretty clear that you can easiy find people with different nationalities there. Prety cool!

Had a good flight! I wasn't forced into sleeping out of boredom since I finally managed to find one o' those "Search-a-word" books. heehee! Now I shall never be bored as I travel! And I thought the meal was pretty good - which was weird 'cause I hated them on my trip to Frankfurt 3 months ago.

Arriving at KLIA gave me a slight calming effect somehow. Well, it was calming to find my parents had missed me so. heehee! Although I almost cried when I couldn't find them as I walked out of the glass doors. hahha! (seems like I'm crying to anything these days!)

Just wishing that Dida was home as well. It would've been really festive if we were to open our bags and unload every souvenirs and things we had bought for everyone together. Yet, today she'd spent her day in Brussels with her friends.

Okay, going to figure out if I should sleep or finish up on my journal.. or just Search-a-word instead! ahhaha!
Happy vaderdag!


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