Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Meredith is so messed up, isn't she?

I carried on watching the rest of Grey's Anatomy and I came to a conclusion that Meredith, is one messed up woman.
It's sad, really. It's all Derek's fault. McSelfish!

Okay, the idea of a married man, had fallen so madly in love with you is kind of.. sweet. And nice. It's amazing how he couldn't forget Meredith and really work on his relationship with his wife when he should.
But really.. forget McDreamy! He's obviously McSelfish!

I'm all for Meredith. I get that she's completely broken when Derek chose Addison instead of her but it is SO wrong for him to keep messing with her head. I mean, if you love her, you love her right? What is he still doing with Addison?? Stop messing with these two women and make up your mind!! grrrr! McStupid.

Honestly, I love McDreamy. I mean.. he is after all Meredith's "love". But the longer he stayed married to Addison, the more convinced I am that he really should stop.. Meredith should stop calling him McDreamy. It pains me to see the series unravelled itself as it had.
Clearly.. McStupid!

"What does this mean?" - "Meredith, what does this mean?"
What do you think it means, a*hole?!
ahhahhaha!! I am SO emotional.

Anyways, I am obviously bored.
Maybe I'll download the rest of Prison Break next and start obsessing about it. I mean, it's only time right? First House, then Grey's Anatomy.. about time for Prison Break! ahhahahaha!!


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